What are the Back to School Voucher rules?

Please Note: The NSW Government Back to School Voucher program is not running for 2024.

The beginning of the school year can be an expensive time, especially following Christmas and the holidays. The Back to School NSW Vouchers program helps families pay for necessary school supplies.

Parents, guardians, carers, or students can apply for 3 x $50 vouchers, totaling $150 for each eligible student. These vouchers can then be used to purchase eligible products from registered businesses.

The Back to School vouchers have a set of rules that you should be across;

You can use each voucher:

● only once (if the cost is less than the voucher amount, the remaining balance is given up and cannot be used).
● on its own or combined with other Back to School NSW Vouchers for the same purchase, even where the vouchers are issued for different students.
● on eligible expenses.
● at registered businesses.
● on or before the expiry date – June 2023.

Your vouchers cannot be:

● used to pay for anything other than an eligible expense.
● transferred to another person.
● redeemed as a gift, tip, or donation to a registered business.
● exchanged for cash, a gift voucher, or a credit note from the registered business.
● donated to charity.
● pooled together with vouchers from other programs such as Active Kids, or Creative Kids vouchers.

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