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Kalkatungu Muu is the original painting by 15-year-old Jesse Sutton, a contemporary Indigenous artist from the Kalkadoon people from Mount Isa in Queensland.
The Kalkatungu Muu range has been produced in collaboration with Spencil for kids to use, love and cherish.
“Kalkatungu Muu” means “Kalkadoon Country” in the Kalkadoon language and Jesse’s painting is his interpretation of the lands of his people. This stunning collection features earthy tones, native animals and symbolism of the land and people of the Mount Isa region.
Through his artwork, Jesse hopes to inspire the younger generation to be proud of Australia’s rich and ancient history, and to learn more about the Kalkadoon people – their art, stories, language and culture

Don’t wrestle with pesky, sticky book covering when you can cover books in just 10 seconds with this reusable, slip-on school book cover! It’s a total game-changer. In Scrapbook size, it fits larger scrapbooks sized 335mm x 245mm or less, (check our our handy size guide to ensure your book fits!) and is made from non-toxic certified PVC Reach material. It will surely make back to school easy for you and fun for the kids!


  • Fits larger scrapbooks sized 335mm x 245mm or less
  • Cover a school book in just 10 seconds!
  • Made from non-toxic certified PVC Reach material
  • Easy to use, just slip it on
  • Reusable (better for the environment!)
  • Name and subject label
  • Inside flaps ensure a snug fit for books


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