A4 Book Cover – Diving With Sea Friends

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A very special collection, “Diving with Sea Friends”  is made in collaboration with Mavis Li with her winning Spencil Art Prize 2022 (8 Years & Under) piece, created when she was just 8.

Don’t wrestle with pesky, sticky book covering when you can cover books in just 10 seconds with this reusable, slip-on school book cover! It’s a total game-changer. In A4 size, it fits A4 exercise books and is made from non-toxic certified PVC Reach material. It will surely make back to school easy for you and fun for the kids!


  • Cover a school book in just 10 seconds!
  • Made from non-toxic certified Reach PVC material
  • Easy to use – just slip on!
  • Reusable (and better for the environment!)
  • Name and subject label
  • Inside flaps ensure a snug fit for books


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