Yarrawala Bundle

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Yarrawala is the original painting of then 16 year old emerging Kalkadoon Aboriginal artist Brooke Sutton, produced in collaboration with Spencil. The dusty palette and radiant rainbows (Yarrawala in Kalkadoon) whisk us to a Dreamtime land where happy kookaburras chuckle as they soar above our great and beautiful earth.

This back to school bundle is packed with value and everything they need for 2023

  1. Backpack
  2. Big Water Bottle
  3. Twin Zip Pencil Case
  4. Tech Carry Case
  5. Library Bag
  6. Big Drawstring Bag
  7. Bag Tag
  8. Stationery Set
  9. Multicolour Rainbow Pen
  10. Book Labels – Multicolour


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