Koala Daydream Bundle

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  • Koalas smell like eucalyptus. …
  • They make really strange sounds. …
  • Koalas like to spend their time alone. …
  • Koalas are born hairless, blind and without ears. …
  • ‘Koala’ comes from an Aboriginal word. …
  • Koalas can live more than a decade. …
  • Koalas have similar fingerprints to humans.

This back to school bundle is packed with value and everything they need for 2023

  1. Backpack
  2. Big Water Bottle
  3. Twin Zip Pencil Case
  4. Chair Bag
  5. Library Bag
  6. Big Drawstring Bag
  7. Bag Tag
  8. Stationery Set
  9. Multicolour Rainbow Pen
  10. Book Labels – Multicolour


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