Returning to School FAQs

For NSW state schools the first student school day of Term 1 for 2024 is;
Eastern Division schools  – Thursday, 1st February.
Western Division schools – Tuesday, 6th February.

Please note; some schools may have additional student free days. As these vary per school and sometimes by student year, please check with your school for full details.

Western Division schools are all located in the far-west of NSW. Check with your local school if you are uncertain.

The NSW school holiday dates are;

Autumn holidays;
Saturday 13th April – Sunday 28th April.

Winter holidays;
Saturday 6th July – Sunday 21st July.

Spring holidays;
Saturday 28th September – Sunday 13th October.

Summer holidays;
Begin Saturday 21st December.

For full information visit the NSW Education website.


To discover school term dates for your state, please visit the Education Department links below;

Victoria school term dates.
Queensland school term dates.
ACT school terms dates.
Tasmania school terms dates.
South Australia school terms dates.
Northern Territory school terms dates.
Western Australia school terms dates.

Please note; these are dates for State schools; if your child attends a private or religious school, the dates may vary slightly. Please check with your own school.

Children will of course need standard items such as school bags, school uniforms, and lunch boxes and water bottles.

When it comes to stationery and art supplies, each school will generally provide a list of required items based upon your child’s school year. 

Back to School Voucher Program FAQs

Unfortunately, the NSW Governments has decided not to extend the program for 2024. This may change again in future, so stay tuned.

The Back to School NSW Vouchers program helps families pay for school supplies. Parents, guardians, carers or students can apply for 3 x $50 vouchers, totalling $150 for each eligible student. The vouchers can be used: towards the cost of school uniforms, shoes, bags, textbooks and stationery.

You can apply for the vouchers if you’re a caregiver of a student, who is:

  • a NSW resident
  • enrolled to attend school in 2023 (from kindergarten to year 12), including students who are:
    • home-schooled
    • enrolled in year 10 or year 12 equivalent qualifications at TAFE NSW.

Students can apply on their own behalf if they meet the eligibility criteria and have their own Medicare card.

Visit Service NSW

  1. Check the eligibility requirements.
  2. Select the ‘Apply online’ button.
  3. Log in, or create your MyServiceNSW Account.
  4. Follow the prompts to apply for the voucher.

You can purchase Bags, Books, Uniforms and Stationary. Click this link for a comprehensive list of eligible items 

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